Scheduling a Post

What is a scheduled post?

A scheduled post is a post that you can create in advance and send at a later time. You can schedule an unlimited amount of posts 30 days in advance. Click here to visit our shareable graphics library, which is full of valuable safety tips that you can schedule in advance to send to your residents on Neighbors.

How to schedule a post:

Step 1: Sign into and click Create
Step 2: Choose your category 
Step 3: Select an area (Regional or Hyper Local)
Step 4: Add the post details (post title, media, and description)


Step 5: Enable the Schedule for Later toggle and set a date and time to publish the post

Step 6: Click Preview and review the post

Step 7: Click Continue


Step 8: Click Accept and Schedule (A regular post will say “Accept and Submit”)



How to edit a scheduled post:

Step 1: Move your mouse over Profile, located on the upper right-hand corner
Step 2: Select My Posts and choose Scheduled
Step 3: Find the post you want to edit and click Edit (in blue text) to make your changes
Step 4: After the changes are made, click Confirm Changes



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