Clean Car Campaign

The Clean Car Campaign focuses on educating residents about the importance of removing valuables from their vehicles to help combat car break-ins. We have added graphics below that you can download and share with your residents on Neighbors.

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Clean Car Campaign!



Sample message:

"The [Agency Name] reminds you to follow the rules of our Clean Car Campaign. Never leave valuables in your car in plain sight. By doing this, you can prevent one of the most common crimes: theft of property from motor vehicles."

Source: Atlanta Police Department

Help us, Help You!



Sample message:

"Help us, help you prevent car break-ins!"


Join the Clean Car Campaign!



Sample message:

"[Agency Name] would like for you to be a part of the Clean Car Campaign!

Keeping a clean car means making sure all items such as tablets, computers, laptops, cell phones, purses, wallets and other valuables are removed when your vehicle is unattended. Leave those valuables at home or make sure to take them with you."

Suspects know to look for items hidden within vehicles. They check everywhere. Avoid putting valuables in your trunk when you arrive at your destination. Suspects are watching. Put items away prior to your arrival.

Never keep a spare key inside the car.

Source: NHTSA

Stop! Don’t leave valuables out in the open!



Sample message:

"[Agency Name] would like to provide you with car break-in prevention tips!

-Take or hide your valuables
-Secure your car keys
-Keep your car visible
-Park in well-lit areas
-Activate your car alarm
-Lock your car and roll up your windows
-If You See Something, Say Something!

Source: New Westminster Police Department


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