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What are push notifications?

Push notifications provide local agencies the ability to send out a clickable pop-up message to a user’s device with important information in real-time through a post. Push notifications are always enabled when an agency sends out a post unless the agency chooses to disable the push notification toggle. Disabling push notifications allow posts to be placed into the Neighbors app without sending residents a real-time alert to their mobile devices.

How to disable push notifications on your posts:

Step 1: Sign into and click Create
Step 2: Choose your category (Safety, Crime, Community, Environmental, Animal)
Step 3: Select an area (Regional or Alert Residents Near a Specific Location)
Step 4: Add the post details (post title, media, and description) then click Continue


Step 5: Click on the Send Push Notifications toggle (Toggle will turn grey)


Step 6: Click Preview to review the post


Step 7: Click Continue
Step 8: Finish by selecting Accept and Submit



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