Safe Digging Month

April is National Safe Digging Month. Below are some graphics you can share with your residents on Neighbors to encourage them to call 811 before starting any projects that involves digging.

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Digging Safety Tips



Sample message:

“811 is the national call-before-you-dig phone number. [Agency Name] would like to remind anyone who plans to dig to call 811 to request that the approximate location of buried utilities be marked with paint or flags. Hitting a buried line while digging can disrupt utility service, cost money to repair, or cause serious injury.


5 Steps for Safe Digging



Sample message:

“April is Safe Digging Awareness Month. [Agency Name] would like you to follow these five steps before working on your outdoor projects!”

Source: NC Electric

What Do The Colors Mean?



Sample message:

“Did you know utility color codes are used to identify where underground utilities are located with the intent of protecting them from damage during excavation. The different colors represent a different utility or type of marking.

Before starting your outdoor projects, [Agency Name] would like to remind you to dig safely and call 811 to have your utilities marked out!

Source: Kansas Gas Service

Outdoor Digging Safety Tips



Sample message:

“[Agency Name] would like to provide you with important information before you start your yard projects!

-Unsafe digging can damage service lines, leading to injury, costly repairs, and/or disruption to service.
-Homeowners should call 811 to have lines marked even for small yards or garden projects.
-If working with a contractor, make sure they call in advance before the project is started.
-You should call 811 at least three days before you dig to allow time for all affected service providers to mark their lines.
-Know the rules in your area before you dig!

Source: City Of Clarkville

Call Before You Dig!



Sample message:

“[Agency Name] would like to keep you and your family safe by reminding you to call 811 to have your utilities marked before starting any projects in your yard!

Source: DPC Of Texas


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