Common Fire Safety Tips

Below are graphics that you can download and share with your residents on Neighbors.

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Monthly Smoke Alarm Test



"Hello [City][Agency] wants to remind the [city] residents to perform a monthly test on your fire alarms to make sure they are in working condition
Do you have an escape plan in place? Making an escape plan with your family, and practicing that plan twice a year, can greatly improve your chances for surviving a house fire.
 1. Make a plan
2. Know two ways out
3. Establish an outside meeting place
4. Practice twice a year
5. Teach children to escape on their own
6. Close doors behind you on your way out"

Source: FEMA

Simple checks before you head for bed



Sample message:

"Before you head off to bed, some simple fire safety checks can save your life. Here's what to keep an eye out for."

Source: London Fire Brigade

The Firefighter's 9PM Routine Checklist



Sample message:

"Before you go to bed, it's really important to make some simple checks. These will only add a couple of minutes to your day, but will significantly reduce your risk of a fire."

Source: London Fire Brigade

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