Common Safety Tips

Below are graphics that you can download and share with your residents on Neighbors.

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9PM Routine



Sample Message:

“Good Evening [City Name] Residents! It’s that time to lock or lose it! Comment with a ✅ if you’ve done the #9PM routine tonight. If you haven’t done the #9PM routine, let’s get to it! Remove valuables from your car and lock it! We will wait for your ✅ 😉”

Source: Pasco County Sheriff's Office

Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention



Sample message:
If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your vehicle has been stolen, follow these steps:
- Contact police immediately to file a stolen-vehicle report. You’ll need a copy of the police report and/or a case number to provide to your insurance company. 
-Contact your insurance company to file a claim within 24 hours of when you discovered your vehicle was stolen.
-If you find your vehicle before authorities do, contact the police and your insurance company immediately.”
(Source: United States Department of Transportation)

Vehicle Theft



Sample message:
"If it’s visible in your vehicle, there’s a risk it could be stolen. Make sure you keep the property inside your vehicle hidden, such as cell phones, phone chargers, and other electronics.
(Source: United States Department of Transportation)

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