National Preparedness Month

With September being National Preparedness Month, raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies by sharing these graphics on different ways your Neighbors can stay ahead of unexpected events.

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Make a Plan



"By making a plan you can help keep you and your family safe during unexpected emergencies. Your family's needs may change over time, so update your plan regularly. Detailed information can be found at"

Build a Kit



"Gather supplies that will last several days for you and your family after a disaster or emergency. Each person is unique, so remember to consider the needs of everyone in your family. Detailed information can be found at"

What is in your Pet Preparedness Kit?



"Your furry friends are family too. Make sure you have a plan and a kit for your pet when unexpected events happen. Detailed information can be found at ready.go/pets"

Prepare for Disasters



"Whether wildfires, storms or power outages, remember to keep up to date with ways to keep you, your family, and property protected. Detailed information can be found at"

Teach Youth About Preparedness



"Be prepared for disasters start at home. Everyone can be part of helping to prepare for emergencies. Always remember to include children in preparedness conversations. Detailed information can be found at" 

Financial Preparedness Tips



"Takes these steps to be prepared for unexpected expenses that occur during emergencies. Maintain an emergency fund, follow up with insurance coverage for your area, and keep important documents in a safe, accessible place. Detailed information can be found at"


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