Your Neighbors Public Safety Service account does not exist or has been deactivated.

**If you personal Ring account has been deactivated, please reach out to Ring Customer Support here.**

The “Your account does not exist or has been deactivated” message means that a NPSS user currently doesn’t have an account or their account has been disabled due to inactivity. Accounts are deactivated after a user has not logged in for 180 days or when an administrator deactivates an account. Please reach out to your agency’s Neighbors Public Safety Service administrator to reactivate your account or to have one created. Don’t know who your administrator is? Click here to reach out to the Ring Team to find out.

I received an email stating my account will be deactivated. What should I do?

Simply visit Neighbors Public Safety Service and login before the date mentioned in the email. You can continue to keep your account active by signing in regularly.

How do I know if my account was Deactivated?

Users will see the following error message when attempting to login with a deactivated account.


How do I reactivate my account?

If you are a user, reach out to your department admin to reactivate your account.

If you are an admin, reach out here to request reactivating your account.

Important: After your account has been reactivated, be sure to login within 48 hours to restore access.


Still have questions?

Please contact us by filling out this form.

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