Request for Assistance - Privacy

Public safety agencies may make a Request for Assistance post on Neighbors asking their community to assist with an investigation. Like any other post on Neighbors, we designed Request for Assistance posts to keep users in control and protect their privacy. Specifically:

  1. Public safety agencies never have direct access to users’ Ring devices, videos, or Neighbors accounts. Public safety agencies cannot view a user’s videos unless that user chooses to share them publicly on Neighbors or directly with the public safety agency in response to a Request for Assistance post.
  2. When a public safety agency submits a Request for Assistance post, Ring does not share user information with public agencies without the user’s express consent. 
  3. Users decide if they want to share any of their personal information, including videos, with public safety agencies in response to a Request for Assistance post. 
  4. Users are in complete control of how, when, and if they receive notifications for Request for Assistance posts. Users may update their settings through Control Center, including opting out of seeing Request for Assistance posts within Neighbors.
  5. Responding to a Request for Assistance post is entirely optional. Public agencies cannot see which users, if any, viewed a Request for Assistance post unless the user chooses to share video or information in response.

*Only public safety agencies are able to make Request for Assistance posts.*

To learn more about policy for Request for Assistance posts, click here.

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