Enhancing Security with Two-Step Verification

*UPDATE* 1/13/2021- Two-Step Verification codes can now be sent to your email. 

Two-Step Verification is an extra layer of security to protect your Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) account from unauthorized access.

Every time you sign into NPSS, you will receive a verification code by text message or email. You will have to enter your password and the verification code to sign in successfully.

  • The six-digit verification code expires after 10 minutes.
  • If you don’t receive the verification code, you can resend the code after 60 seconds have elapsed.
  • You can select “Remember this browser” to indicate you are using a trusted device and browser.
  • You can change the delivery method for the code (text message or email) directly through your profile. 


What happens if I'm unable to receive, or cannot locate, the Two-Step Verification passcode?

Attempt to resend the code. If you are still unable to receive the code, please reach out to customer support or email publicsafetysupport@ring.com or submit a request here.

Note: Codes expire 10 minutes after the login attempt.


What is Two-Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification is a security feature that helps keep your account secure and prevents unauthorized users from gaining access. With every new login to your NPSS account, you will need to provide two pieces of information — your password and the six-digit verification code. The six-digit code expires after 10 minutes.

Is this feature available for every NPSS user? Is it mandatory?

Yes - this feature is available to all Public Safety administrators and users.

Yes - this feature is mandatory.

Why did Neighbors Public Safety Service add this feature?

Two-Step Verification is an extra layer of security to protect your Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) account from unauthorized access. With Two-Step Verification, only you can access your account on a trusted device and browser.

Am I going to have to do this every time I log into my account?

Account verification is required for every valid user session on NPSS. We also have a “Remember this browser” option, by selecting this, any future logins from that particular device and browser will not require additional account verification.

How long does the six-digit code last?

The six-digit code lasts for 10 minutes.

Can I request the Two-Step verification code to be sent to my email?

By default your account is set to receive verification codes by text message. You can update this setting to receive verification codes to your email directly through your profile. 

If you have questions about providing a mobile phone number, please reach out to publicsafetysupport@ring.com.

Are users being forced to log out of their accounts because of this feature?


Can I opt-out of Two-Step Verification?


What if I set up my Public Safety account with an email I no longer use / have access to?

If you have an email tied to a NPSS account that you no longer use or have access to, you should reach out to your Administrator to update your email or contact publicsafetysupport@ring.com.






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