Post Examples for Fire Departments

The following article provides real examples of local Fire Departments using Neighbors Public Safety Service to help their community members. The posts shown here demonstrate how Ring and Neighbors App users can benefit from their local Fire Departments providing fire safety tips, PSA’s, local updates and more.

4 common types of posts that Fire Departments can create

  1. Introduction. Greet your residents and let them know you are now on Neighbors.
  2. PSA’s. Public Service Announcements for the community.
  3. Safety Tips. Fire safety tips including monthly reminders.
  4. Real-time Updates. Providing new information about an active incident

1. Introduction 

Introduction Post

monrovia.2.pngSample Title: "[Agency Name] Joins Neighbors"

Sample Message:
Hello, [CITY / NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] Community! This is [NAME / TITLE OF PUBLIC SAFETY USER] from the [AGENCY/DIVISION]. We are excited to be joining Neighbors in our efforts to connect with residents and improve the safety of our communities.
Neighbors allows residents to share photos, videos and information related to local crime and safety incidents so fellow residents can stay informed.

The [AGENCY NAME] can now view what is posted publicly to Neighbors and can chime-in with relevant updates or safety alerts to help keep our community safe. We will be using Neighbors to connect with residents, share information about real-time events and provide preventative tips and educational safety information. We thank you for being an active member of your community and look forward to working alongside you to keep our community safe!

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For non-emergency situations please call [Non Emergency Number]

For emergency situations please call 911

2. PSA's

Monthly Incident Report

monthly.stat.2.pngSample Title: "Monthly Incident Report"

Sample Message:
"The [Insert Fire Department] responded to [insert incident details] the week of [insert dates]"

3. Safety Tips

Fire Escape Planning

cypress.creek.3.pngSample Title: Safety Tip: "Escape Planning"

Sample Message:
"Do you have an escape plan in place? Making an escape plan with your family, and practicing that plan twice a year, can greatly improve your chances for surviving a house fire.
 1. Make a plan
2. Know two ways out
3. Establish an outside meeting place
4. Practice twice a year
5. Teach children to escape on their own
6. Close doors behind you on your way out"

Smoke Alarm Reminder

cypress.creek.pngSample Title: "Monthly Reminder to Test Smoke Alarms"

Sample Message:
"Remember to test your smoke detectors/alarms this month if you have not already done so. Smoke detectors help save lives when they are working properly!"

Cold Weather Safety Tips Title: "Cold Weather Fire Safety"

Sample Message:
"As the weather starts to cool off be safe when using space heaters. Plug space heaters directly into an outlet. NO extension cords. Keep space heaters 3 feet away from any combustible Make sure all space heaters can't/won't tip over. Only use space heaters when you're in the same room. Turn off before leaving the room"

4. Real Time Updates

Fire Update

Sample Title:" Fire - Update"

Sample Message:
"The [insert name] Fire continues to burn to the northeast of the [City]. [Agency] personnel are in contact with [Insert name] Fire Department and US Forest Service regarding the status of the Fire. The fire is continuing to move towards the northeast and does not post an immediate threat to the [City]. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates if conditions change."

Red Flag Warning

Sample Title: "Red Flag Warning"

Sample Message:
"Join the [AGENCY NAME] as we host a Virtual Town Hall Meeting with [NAME] on [DATE] at [TIME]. [AGENCY NAME] will walk [CITY/COUNTY] businesses and residents through [TOPIC(S)]. Sheriff Freeman will also answer questions from the community. For more information and to register click here: [URL Link]"

Critical Weather Alert

Sample Title: "Critical Fire Weather Conditions for Saturday"

Sample Message:
"We are asking all local residents to refrain from conducting any sort of open burns outside tonight & tomorrow; to include recreational fire pits, bonfires, burning leaves, etc. Please help us during this Elevated Fire Danger period."

Avoid the Area

Sample Title: "Fire Department Activity in the Area"

Sample Message:
"[AGENCY NAME] is out with a structure fire in an outbuilding behind a home in the area. Avoid the area for a while as crews complete operations to assure the fire is out and there is no risk of spread to the surrounding wooded area.
"[AGENCY NAME] is assisting the Fire Department with a gas leak investigation. Currently [STREET NAME] is closed from [STREET NAME] to [STREET NAME]. Please avoid that area for the time being."



Sample Title: "Request for information-Arson"

Sample Message:
"We had a fire on [INSERT DATE & TIME]. The Fire was at [Address] on the corner of [Address] We believe this fire to be arson and are requesting information on the fire. If you have any information on this fire contact the [Agency Name] at [Phone Number]


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