Post and Comment Examples for Law Enforcement

The following article provides real examples of local public safety agencies using Neighbors to help their community members. The following posts and comments demonstrate how Ring and Neighbors App users can benefit from their local public safety agency providing incident information, updates on closed or ongoing investigations and utilizing other community-building opportunities uniquely possible on Neighbors.


4 common types of posts that agencies create:

  1. Introduction. Greet your residents and let them know you are now on Neighbors.
  2. Safety Tips & Advice. Public Service Announcements and crime prevention tips.
  3. Announcements. City/county announcements or event information.
  4. Updates & Resolutions. Providing new information about a situation or incident.


1. Introduction

Introduction Post 


Sample Message:
Hello [CITY / NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] Community!  This is [NAME / TITLE OF PUBLIC SAFETY USER] from the [AGENCY/DIVISION].  We are excited to be joining Neighbors in our efforts to connect with residents and improve the safety of our communities.  Neighbors allows you, the user, to share photos, videos and information related to local crime and safety incidents so fellow residents can stay informed.  

The [AGENCY NAME] can view what local residents have posted publicly to Neighbors and can now chime-in with relevant updates or safety alerts to help residents stay informed.  You do not need a Ring device to join Neighbors.  Anyone with a smartphone can download the Neighbors App in order to receive updates and have the option to post photos or videos from any device.

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For non-emergency situations please call [Non Emergency Number]

For emergency situations please call 911



2. Safety Tips & Advice

Click here to view safety information graphics that you can download and post on Neighbors.

9 PM Routine


Sample Message:
"Make these simple steps a habit!"

Click here to view 9pm Routine graphics that you can download and post on Neighbors.


Reporting Crimes/Non-Emergency Number


Sample Message:
"At the [AGENCY NAME] we often see crimes reported on the Neighbors App that are not reported to the police. If you are a victim of a crime and it is not an emergency please call [NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER] to report it. Your neighborhoods are patrolled strategically based on information and reports we receive. Thank you - [AGENCY INITIALS]"

Click here to view safety and prevention graphics that you can download and post on Neighbors.


Summer Safety Tips


Sample Message:
"As summer temperatures rise, remember to protect yourself from heat-related incidents. The [AGENCY NAME] reminds you to take these 6 precautions to ensure you and your neighbors are able to enjoy the summer weather safely."

Click here to view graphics for environmental advisories and seasonal preparedness that you can download and post on Neighbors.


COVID-19 Safety Tips


Sample Message:
"COVID-19 Safety Tips"

Click here to view COVID-19 safety information graphics that you can download and post on Neighbors.


Scam Alert


Sample Message:
"The [AGENCY NAME] has been informed of a phone scam that has been targeting our area. The caller states that they are a police officer and that you have a warrant that needs to be taken care of by the end of the day. The caller advises that you may call the following number to take care of this matter, [INSERT NUMBER]. This is a scam. Do not give any personal information out over the phone."

Click here to view graphics for safety and prevention tips that you can download and post on Neighbors.


3. Announcements

Inviting Residents to a Community Event


Sample Message:
"Join us for National Night Out 2019! [EVENT DATE], [EVENT TIME] Meet [AGENCY NAME] [OFFICERS/DEPUTIES] Free Food Swim in the GR Community Pool Bust a Move on the Dance Floor Win NJ Devils VIP Tickets ALL FREE!"


Inviting Residents to a Virtual Event


Sample Message:
"Join the [AGENCY NAME] as we host a Virtual Town Hall Meeting with [NAME] on [DATE] at [TIME]. [AGENCY NAME] will walk [CITY/COUNTY] businesses and residents through [TOPIC(S)]. Sheriff Freeman will also answer questions from the community. For more information and to register click here: [URL Link]"


Inviting Residents to Coffee with a Cop


Sample Message:
"Please join us at [EVENT LOCATION] [EVENT DATE], at [EVENT TIME]."


4. Updates and Resolutions

Click here to view Advisory graphics that you can download and post on Neighbors.

Road Closure


Sample Message:
"[AGENCY NAME] is assisting the Fire Department with a gas leak investigation. Currently [STREET NAME] is closed from [STREET NAME] to [STREET NAME]. Please avoid that area for the time being."


Notifying Residents of Police Activity


Sample Message:
"UPDATE 8:27 p.m. Suspect safely in custody. We will be working to clear the area soon. Thank you to all neighbors for your patience.

Good afternoon. We are working carefully to get a wanted man to come out of an apartment in this area. Adjacent apartments have been cleared. The surrounding area is safe, but please avoid the area to allow first responder vehicles access."



4 common types of comments that agencies create:

  1. General. Thanking residents and reminding them to file a report.
  2. Safety Tips & Advice. PSA and crime prevention tips.
  3. Updates & Resolutions. Providing new information about a situation or incident.
  4. Requesting Assistance. Asking residents for help with an investigation.


1. General

Thanking Residents


Sample Message:
"Thank you for sharing this information with your neighbors to increase awareness! We would encourage you to always report this information to police, even if nothing was taken so that officers are aware of ongoing issues in your area and can initiate extra patrols."


2. Safety Tips & Advice

Auto Safety


Sample Message:
"Thank you for sharing. Locked or not it is truly unnerving to have someone violate your sense of security by burglarizing your vehicle. Sharing this can serve as a painful reminder to neighbors to lock doors and hide valuables. When criminals realize there are no more easy targets in an area, they will go somewhere else to find easier prey. If you have been victimized or saw someone attempted to get into your vehicle, please call [NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER]. Together we can prevent crime in [CITY/COUNTY]. Stay Safe!"


3. Updates & Resolutions

Providing an Update


 Sample Message:
"[AGENCY] [OFFICERS/DEPUTIES] are currently on scene with a vehicle and vehicle owner matching the complaint below. The driver will be educated on traffic safety and traffic laws. Officers will be present in the area on oncoming days for enforcement purposes. Thank you for posting. Thank you to the citizen who called in with the additional information. #workingtogether"


Announcing a Resolved Incident


Sample Message:
"Three subjects were committing vehicle burglaries in your neighborhood. All three subjects were taken into custody by [AGENCY NAME]. Stay safe and have a nice day."


4. Requesting Assistance

Asking for Video


Sample Message:
"The [AGENCY NAME] is investigating this case. If you have video to share that is linked to this case please contact [YOUR NAME] at [YOUR NUMBER]"



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