NPSS Posting Guide

Posting on NPSS is an effective way for local agencies to deliver important safety messages and real-time updates to their communities. The posting features on NPSS allows you to share safety updates relevant to specific neighborhoods, service areas, or your entire jurisdiction. 

How to Create a Post 

Step 1: Sign in to and click the Create button

Step 2: Choose your category (Safety, Crime, Community, Environmental, Animal).

Step 3: Select your audience and notification preferences using the options below:

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When to use ‘Create Regional Post’

Regional posts allow you to create a post with information relevant to specific neighborhoods, assigned areas, or your entire jurisdiction. This option is used for communicating general safety information, community updates, and/or PSA’s. Using this option will trigger a push notification to residents in the selected area(s). 

When to use ‘Post to a specific location’

When you post to a specific location your post will only be seen by Neighbors users whose neighborhood area covers the incident location. This option is used for posting important communications related to an incident and will trigger a push notification to nearby residents who have the feature enabled. 

The Neighbors Incident Map shows approximate incident locations. The exact location of posts are not shown and sometimes may appear outside your neighborhood area, in an effort to protect user privacy. For NPSS users, your neighborhood area is your jurisdiction.


  • Yellow Alert: Where the post was published.
  • Green Circles: Users who live in and outside of the jurisdiction who subscribe to receive alerts from the specific location.
  • Red Circle: Users who live within the jurisdiction that did not subscribe to receive alerts from the specific location.

Step 4: Enter post details such as title, description and case number. This is also where you can attach up to 5 images or video to your post.


Step 5: Click Preview, then click Post to publish on Neighbors

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