I Want to Provide my Community with Safety Tips and Information

Residents want to hear from their local public safety agency when it comes to safety tips and information. Educating your residents on preparedness and preventative measures can help create an overall safer community. The best way to share these tips with your community is by creating a post on the Neighbors Feed.

Here are just a few examples of safety tips that local public safety agencies typically shares with residents:

  • 9PM Routine
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Filing a Police Report
  • Weather and Storm Preparedness
  • Earthquake Preparedness 
  • Traffic Safety
  • Fire Safety 

How to Create a Post: 

1. Click the Create button


2. Select the Safety category


3. Enter a location, title, and description for the post in 1,000 characters or less

4. Attach an image or video in JPEG, PNG, or MP4 format (optional)

5. Click Preview


6. Click Post to publish on the Neighbors feed


*1,000 characters maximum

Best Practices for creating safety tip posts

  • Add a descriptive post title 
  • Add images or media to your post
  • Keep your description short and concise
  • Have a consistent posting schedule. (Tip: Post at least twice a week)
  • Create a post in several areas to reach more residents
  • Reply back to your residents’ comments
  • Write in a friendly, neighborly tone 

Who Will See My Post?

Posts made on the Neighbors App are public and can be shared with anyone. Through the Neighbors App, residents can define the area around their home they want to see posts from. This area can extend up to 5 miles.


Once your post is created, the location associated with the post will be used to determine who will see it. If a resident has chosen to receive posts from that location, they will see your post in their Neighbors Feed. This ensures that residents are only receiving relevant information.

What Happens After I Create a Post?

Residents may comment on it by providing further information, asking for more details, or simply acknowledging your post. They can also contact you directly if you provide your contact information in the post. To keep you updated, you will receive an email notification each time there is activity on a post you’ve created.





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