Active Agency Map

Public safety agencies across the country use Neighbors Public Safety Service, which is how public safety agencies participate in the Neighbors App, to better engage with and inform the communities they serve. Communities can stay more informed when their local public safety agencies posts important information about crime and safety events in their neighborhood. Residents will know when a local public safety agency has posted or commented on the app because their official agency name will always be indicated. Ring users can also choose to submit video recordings to help with active investigations in their area. 

Ring will notify residents when a local public safety agency joins by sending an in-app post through Neighbors. Residents may also see an announcement through local press or on social media. Additionally, residents can search the Active Agency Map below to see if their local public safety agency is on Neighbors. The map is updated regularly so residents can search for their local public safety agency either by zip code, address or visually by zooming into a region or city on the map. 

 Active Agency Map



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