COVID-19 Information for Your Community

Here are some COVID-19 health and preparedness tips from the CDC for you to download and share with your residents on Neighbors and anywhere else. For the latest information, visit the CDC and the World Health Organization websites.

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19Help_prevent_the_spread_of_COVID-19.png


Sample message:
"Wearing a mask protects you & others from #COVID19. Do your part to slow the spread:
-Wear a mask over your mouth AND nose

-Stay home if you can
-Stay 6 feet apart
-Avoid crowds
-Avoid poorly ventilated spaces
-Wash hands w/ soap & water

(Source: CDC)

Prevent the spread, keep it cleanPrevent_the_spread__keep_it_clean.png


Sample Message: "Help keep yourself and others safe by following these simple tips to prevent the spread of harmful germs.
(Source: American Red Cross)

Keeping calm in COVID-19 quarantineKeeping_calm_in_COVID-19_quarantine.png

Sample Message: "Remember to take some time for yourself this weekend and recharge for the week ahead."
(Source: American Red Cross)

Protect others from getting sickProtect_others_from_getting_sick.png

Sample Message: "Stay informed about what’s happening in your community, and always follow the directions of state and local authorities."
(Source: American Red Cross)



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