How Do I Train Others in My Department?

How to Access Neighbors Public Safety 

If your colleagues have already signed up for Neighbors Public Safety Service, they can sign in through the following link:

If your colleagues don't have an account, learn how to invite them to Neighbors Public Safety Service here.

Help Them With the Basics

The Neighbors Public Safety Service Quickstart Guide is a great way to learn the basics of Neighbors Public Safety Service. You can download the printer-friendly guide here. The Neighbors Public Safety Service Quickstart Guide can help:

  • Get familiar with the interface
  • Learn how to start interacting with the community by commenting and posting
  • Learn how to create a 'Request for Assistance' to ask the public for assistance with an active investigation. Only public safety agencies are able to make Request for Assistance posts.

If you would like to request a Ring team member to help train your colleagues, reach out to your department’s Ring contact or fill out this form.

Next, you can learn how to start interacting with your community through Neighbors.

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