Requesting and Managing Videos

What is the maximum range of time that I can request videos from?

The maximum is a 12 hour window.

What's the minimum and maximum area that can be selected for a video request?

The area for a video request can be set between .025 and .5 square miles. 

How far back in time can I request videos from?

You can request videos up to 45 days in the past.

If a Ring user shares video recordings in response to a video request, will their contact information be made available to the video requestor?

Yes, their street address and email address will be made available.

Once a video recording is shared by a Ring user in response to a video request, how long is it accessible for?

Video recordings shared in response to a video request are accessible in Neighbors Public Safety Service for 30 days.

When submitting video requests, will all Ring users within the area I select receive the request?

Only Ring users who have not opted out, have existing video recordings from the date/ time requested and have an active cloud subscription plan will receive a request from Ring on behalf of the agency.

Can I request videos from Ring users outside of my jurisdiction lines?

No, you can only request video recordings from Ring device owners within your jurisdiction.

Are shared Ring videos time stamped?

Yes, all video recordings include a timestamp of when the video was recorded in local time.

Can I see the number of cameras that are in my jurisdiction?

No, we do not provide camera information to protect user privacy.

Can I edit or cancel a video request after it has been submitted?

No, a video request cannot be edited or cancelled after submission. 

When requesting videos, do I need to enter an address for the incident location?

Yes, an incident address is required. Alternatively, you can use the street intersection close to the incident location. (Ex. 26th St & Santa Monica Blvd) 

What file type do downloaded videos save as?

Downloaded videos are saved as MP4 files.

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