How Can I View Publicly Shared Posts from My Community?

Neighbors Feed

The Neighbors feed on the left hand side of the main page is a collection of public posts made by residents within your jurisdiction. It’s a place where residents can post information related to incidents going on in their neighborhoods, making it a useful resource for local agency users. You can scroll through the feed to view all crime and safety posts from your community in chronological order. These posts may include videos, photos, and/or text. 

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Incident Map

In addition to the list view on the Neighbors feed, public posts are also visible on the Incident Map on the right hand side of the main page. Hovering your mouse over a post on the Neighbors Feed on the left will highlight it on the Incident Map on the right to show the approximate incident location. The exact location of posts are not shown, in an effort to protect user privacy. You can also click on a post on the Incident Map to scroll to it on the Neighbors Feed.

The Neighbors Incident Map shows approximate incident locations. The exact location of posts are not shown and sometimes may appear outside your neighborhood area, in an effort to protect user privacy. For NPSS users, your neighborhood area is your jurisdiction.

Post Types

All posts visible in the feed are labeled with one of the following post types: 

  • Safety and Security: Potentially dangerous incidents or conditions like power outages, police activity or missing person.
  • Community Engagement: Community building moments, events, and acts of kindness.
  • Weather: Severe weather and local environmental conditions that present safety concerns, such as wildfires, floods, or air quality.
  • Transportation and Traffic: Transportation hazards and closures.
  • Wildlife and Environmental issues: Wild animal sightings and widespread environmental hazards like floods, wildfires, and earthquakes
  • Lost and Found Pets: Lost (and found) pets and wild animals that pose a safety risk.

Filtering Posts

To identify posts on the map by category, date, and/or time, you can create filters on both the Neighbors feed and the Incident Map. To filter the posts, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Filters button on top of the feed


2. Apply the Time, Area, and/ or Categories Filter

3. Click Apply Filters 

If you want to interact with a resident’s post, you can leave a comment as an identified local agency user. If you want to send your own announcement to the community, you can create a post. Learn how you can start interacting with your community using Neighbors Public Safety Service here




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