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Do posts on the Neighbors App and Neighbors Public Safety Service go through an approval process before being published?

Yes, any post that violates our Community Guidelines does not make it to the Neighbors Feed. 

Can I edit or delete a post that I made on Neighbors Public Safety Service?

Once published by a public agency user, the user may not edit or delete any posts.

How can I request a post to be removed from the Neighbors App?

You can reach out to

If my post was tagged as the wrong post type, what can I do?

You can reach out to

Can I message a resident directly?

No, residents cannot be messaged directly, however you may leave your contact information on any post or comment for residents to reach out. 

What will my display name be when I create a post or leave a comment?

For posts, your agency’s name will be displayed (ex: Demo Public Safety Agency).

For comments, your title, last name, and agency name will be displayed (ex: Officer Smith - Demo PD).

Do I receive notifications when a resident responds to my posts and comments?

You will receive email notifications each time a resident comments on your post or leaves a comment after your comment.

Are residents notified when an agency comments on their post?

Residents will only receive a notification if they have enabled notifications in their Neighbors App settings. 

What's the maximum character limit for comments?

The maximum is 1,000 characters.

What's the max character limit for Agency Posts?

The maximum is 2,500 characters.

What's the upload limit for attaching a file to a post?

The upload limit is 200MB.

What file types are supported for attaching a video to a post?

Supported file types are MP4 and MOV.

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