Accounts and Setup

Do I need an official public safety email address to sign up for Neighbors Public Safety Service?

Yes, an official public safety email address is required.

Can I use the same email address for Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) and Ring and/or Neighbors App?

Public Safety Users are required to utilize their official agency email address when accessing NPSS. If your official agency email address is currently being used on the Ring/Neighbors App, you will need to update it with your personal email address.

Please update it to your personal email address by following these steps:

    1. Login to your Ring App
      • Note - currently your email address cannot be updated from or the Neighbors App. If you don’t have the Ring App, please download here.
    2. Select the Hamburger menu/icon in the top left hand corner
    3. Select Account
    4. Select Email
    5. Input your password
    6. Update email and save your selection

Do all agency users have access to every feature of Neighbors Public Safety Service?

No, there are different levels of access. Admins have access to all features, while non-admin users have limited access based on permission types set by their agency’s admin. 

Can an agency have multiple admin accounts?


How can my colleagues sign up for a Neighbors Public Safety Service account?

Please direct your colleagues to your agency’s Neighbors Public Safety Service admin(s) to help them create their accounts.

What is an Assigned Area?

An Assigned Area is a defined area within a jurisdiction set by the agency. Agency users subscribed to an Assigned Area will have a focused view of that area on the Incident Map

Can I subscribe to multiple Assigned Areas?

No, agency personnel can only subscribe to one Assigned Area at any given time.

How long does it take for an invitation to expire?

Invitations expire after 90 days.

How can I request a new invitation?

If your invitation expired, please reach out to your agency’s admin to request a new invitation.

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