How Do I Start Interacting with My Community Through Neighbors Public Safety Service?

Neighbors Public Safety Service is a place for residents and local public safety agencies to have a conversation about what’s going on in their neighborhood. Through the Neighbors Feed, you can view crime and safety information that your residents are sharing with others in the community. These conversations become more meaningful and actionable when local public safety agencies participate in those discussions. 

Commenting on resident posts and creating a post are two simple but impactful ways you can start interacting with your community.

Commenting on Resident Posts

As you scroll through the Neighbors Feed, you may come across a resident’s post that you want to respond to. Commenting on resident posts builds trust within the community and shows residents that their local public safety agency is proactive and engaged.

Here are some helpful ways you can comment on a resident’s post:

  • Providing your department’s contact information and asking residents to file a police report when needed
  • Thanking a resident for sharing information
  • Requesting assistance related to an investigation
  • Offering tips and advice related to safety and crime prevention
  • Sharing updates and resolutions to closed or ongoing investigations

For real examples of how public safety users typically comment on resident’s posts, see this article here.

To leave a comment on a resident’s post as a law enforcement user, follow the instructions below: 

1. Click Comment at the bottom of the desired post


2. Type your reply in the text field*

3. Click Post 


*1000 characters maximum

Alternatively, you can respond to another resident’s comment within a post. To reply to a comment, follow the instructions below:

1. Click Load Comments to view all the comments on a post

2. Click Reply underneath the desired comment you want to respond to


3. Type your reply in the text field*

4. Click Post publish the comment


*1000 characters maximum

As shown in the screenshot below, your title and last name will be displayed with your comment. To keep you in the know, you will receive an email notification each time there is activity on a post you’ve commented on.


Now that you know how to leave a comment, head over to the Neighbors feed to start interacting with residents.

Creating a Post

Residents want to hear about local crime and safety information from an official source. Creating a public post is an effective way for local public safety agencies to deliver important information to the community, while also allowing residents to participate in the process. 

Here are examples of common types of posts that public safety users create:

  • Ask for assistance to help with active investigations
    • Locating a missing person
    • Identifying an individual
  • Provide general safety information and Public Safety Announcements (PSAs) to raise awareness
    • Safety tips
    • Weather preparedness
  • Advertise local community events to increase attendance
    • “Coffee with a Cop”
    • Community meeting
  • Share updates and resolutions on cases and incidents to build trust within the community
    • Missing person found
    • Announcing suspect in custody

For real examples of how public safety users post to the Neighbors Feed, see this article here.

To create a post, follow the instructions below:

1. Click the Create button


2. Select from one of the four post categories: Safety, Crime, Lost Pet, or Neighborly Moment


3. Enter a location, title, and description for the post in 1,000 characters or less

4. Attach an image or video in JPEG, PNG, or MP4 format (optional)

5. Click Preview


6. Click Post to publish on the Neighbors feed


*1,000 characters maximum

Who Will See My Post?

Posts made on the Neighbors App are public and can be shared with anyone. Through the Neighbors App, residents can define the area around their home they want to see posts from. This area can extend up to 5 miles.


Once your post is created, the location associated with the post will be used to determine who will see it. If a resident has chosen to receive posts from that location, they will see your post in their Neighbors Feed. This ensures that residents are only receiving relevant information.

What Happens After I Create a Post?

Residents may comment on it by providing further information, asking for more details, or simply acknowledging your post. They can also contact you directly if you provide your contact information in the post. To keep you updated, you will receive an email notification each time there is activity on a post you’ve created.

Now that you know how to create a post, head over to the Neighbors Feed to start interacting with residents.


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