What is Neighbors Public Safety Service?

Neighbors is a free app designed to help residents connect with their communities and stay informed about what’s going on around them – whether they own a Ring device or not. We created Neighbors as a place for residents to share important local crime and safety information, and receive updates from official sources such as their local public safety agency. We believe when communities work together, safer neighborhoods can become a reality.


Local public safety agencies can interact with residents on Neighbors using a tool called Neighbors Public Safety Service. Here are several ways local police can use Neighbors Public Safety Service:

Connect With the Community

Local public safety users can view and comment on public Neighbors App posts within their jurisdiction to connect with and help members of the community. They can also create posts to provide communities with safety tips and other information, as well as invite community members to safety events.

Provide Updates From an Official Source

Local public safety agencies can post updates to help their community stay informed about issues that may affect residents. They can also follow up to let residents know when an incident has been resolved to close the loop.

Work Together

Residents also have the option to provide information that may be helpful to local public safety agencies using the video request feature to seek assistance relevant to an active investigation. Residents can choose whether to share video recordings, or opt out of future requests. 

The Neighbors App, Neighbors Public Safety Service and the video request feature were designed to ensure that local public safety agencies do not have access to user information or video recordings unless a user chooses to publicly post that content to the Neighbors App or shares it in response to a video request. Specifically:

  • Local public safety agencies cannot access users' Ring devices. They cannot see a user’s Ring device live video stream or otherwise control their Ring device.
  • Local public safety agencies cannot view any user’s video recordings unless the user posts it to the Neighbors App or shares it in response to a video request.
  • Local public safety agencies cannot see a user’s name, contact information, location or whether the user received a video request unless the user posts that information to the Neighbors App or shares their video recordings in response to a video request.
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