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The following article provides real examples of local public safety agencies using Neighbors to help their community members. The following comments and posts demonstrate how Ring and Neighbors App users can benefit from their local public safety agency providing incident information, updates on closed or ongoing investigations and utilizing other community-building opportunities uniquely possible on Neighbors.

Ring believes when communities work together, safer neighborhoods can become a reality.


Local public safety agencies can comment on existing Neighbors App posts as an identified public safety user as an easy way to provide accurate information and connect with residents to resolve incidents and address concerns.

Commenting is a great tool for agencies to build community relations, request assistance for investigations and provide updates regarding incidents.

Here are four common categories of comments that Neighbors agencies create for their communities.

  1. General. Asking residents to file a police report when needed; thanking a resident for sharing information
    • Typically  created by Community Outreach, Public Information Officer PIO and Patrol
  2. Investigations. Requesting assistance related to an investigation
    • Typically created by Investigations
  3. Safety Tips & Advice. Offering tips and advice related to crime prevention
    • Typically created by Community Outreach and Patrol
  4. Updates & Resolutions. Sharing updates and resolutions to closed or ongoing investigations     
    • Typically created by Investigations and PIO


1. General 

Reminding to File a Report

If you haven't already, please file a police report. This can be done by calling the non-emergency number at (480) 782-4130 or by using our online portal at:


Encouraging Community Involvement

Thank you to all the residents that have called or written the department with information. Please, continue to relay any information to our officers to assist with our investigation. We wanted to clarify that the men working on November 13th were town employees making necessary repairs.



2. Investigations

Asking for Video

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office is investigating this case. If you have video to share that is linked to this case please contact Detective Garnier at (xxx) xxx-xxxx


Asking for Assistance

Thank you for contacting the Sheriff's Office. If anyone else has any videos, please contact the Sheriff's Office non-emergency number 772-220-7170 to have an officer respond.



3. Safety Tips and Advice

9 PM Routine Reminder

Thank you for reporting this! If anyone else has had this happen, please contact us at the Frisco Police Department, on our Non-Emergency number, at 972-292-6010 to start a report on this. Also, everyone remember to do your 9pm routine and remove any valuables from your car and lock your doors! Everyone together can help prevent crime in Frisco!


Reminder to File a Report

Thank you for sharing this information with your neighbors to increase awareness! We would encourage you to always report this information to police, even if nothing was taken so that officers are aware of ongoing issues in your area and can initiate extra patrols.



4. Updates and Resolutions

Announcing Suspect in Custody and Thanking Residents

THANK YOU! HPD Investigators were able to use your tips/information to identify this individual. He was arrested on 12/06/2019.


Announcing Suspect in Custody and Thanking Residents

Thank you for posting this video. As a result, the individual has been arrested for this crime and others.




Local public safety agencies can post official updates to help their community stay informed about issues that may potentially affect residents.

Posting is a great tool for agencies to build community relations, request assistance for investigations and provide updates regarding incidents.

Here are four common categories of posts that Neighbors agencies create for their communities.

  1. General. Provide general safety information and Public Safety Announcements (PSA's) to raise awareness 
    • Typically created by Community Outreach, Public Information Officer (PIO) and Patrol
  2. Investigations. Ask for assistance to help with investigations and urgent issues
    • Typically created by Investigations and PIO
  3. Events. Announce local community events to encourage attendance  
    • Typically created by Community Outreach 
  4. Updates and Resolutions. Share updates and resolutions on cases and incidents to build trust with the community
    • Typically created by Investigations and PIO


1. General Announcements

Welcome Message After Joining Neighbors

Hello [CITY / NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] Community!  This is [NAME / TITLE OF PUBLIC SAFETY USER] from the [AGENCY/DIVISION].  We are excited to be joining Neighbors in our efforts to connect with residents and improve the safety of our communities.  Neighbors allows you, the user, to share photos, videos and information related to local crime and safety incidents so fellow residents can stay informed.  

The [AGENCY NAME] can view what local residents have posted publicly to Neighbors and can now chime-in with relevant updates or safety alerts to help residents stay informed.  You do not need a Ring device to join Neighbors.  Anyone with a smartphone can download the Neighbors App in order to receive updates and have the option to post photos or videos from any device.  

Feel free to spread the word and make sure to always report criminal activity or emergency situations directly to the [AGENCY NAME] by contacting [PHONE NUMBER and/or EMAIL].


Safety Tips

There have been reports of several vehicle burglaries in your area overnight. Please double check your vehicles to make sure you have not become a victim of vehicle burglary and make sure to lock your doors! Stay safe!



2. Investigations

Requesting Video and Encouraging Collaboration

unnamed__3_.pngpasted_image_0__16_.png(COPY - Post)
Hey neighbors, this is Lt. Williams and MPD is requesting any video residents may have and want to share from 10/24/2019 between 5 am and 7 am that shows a small black SUV/Crossover driving down their street. This vehicle is believed to be related to a crime. The vehicle was last seen in the areas off Atlanta Highway/Burbank Drive/Wares Ferry and the surrounding neighborhoods. If you can help, please share any information by emailing

(COPY - Reply to community)
We currently rely on our partnership with you, the citizens, to provide us with information when crime happens in your area. Many times, neighbors will help solve other neighbors crime and not even know it. If you hear of something happening in your neighborhood, check your cameras and if you even believe it is important, we would love for you to share it with us and our investigators can check out any leads!!


Burglary Notification and Requesting Help

On 10/31/2019 at 2:25 PM, a residential burglary was reported in the unit block of Tripoley Court. Detectives are looking for anyone who may have video of anyone in the area between 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. If you have additional information or have video to share, please contact us via email at


Urgent Situation and Asking for Assistance

At about 5:45 PM on 11-18-19, officers responded to a report of shots fired on the 400 block of South Indiana. Officers found spent shell casings in the east alley. No suspect info at this time. Anyone with information should contact the KPD at 815-933-3321



3. Events

Inviting Residents to a Community Event

Join us for National Night Out 2019! Tuesday August 6th, 5 pm - 7 pm Meet Glen Ridge Police Officers Free Food Swim in the GR Community Pool Bust a Move on the Dance Floor Win NJ Devils VIP Tickets ALL FREE!


Inviting Residents to Coffee with a Cop

Please join us at the Corner Coffee Shoppe August 21, 2019, at 2:30 p.m.



4. Updates and Resolutions

Notifying Residents of Police Activitypasted_image_0__19_.png(COPY - Original Post)
Good afternoon. We are working carefully to get a wanted man to come out of an apartment in this area. Adjacent apartments have been cleared. The surrounding area is safe, but please avoid the area to allow first responder vehicles access.

(COPY - Update)
UPDATE 8:27 p.m. Suspect safely in custody. We will be working to clear the area soon. Thank you to all neighbors for your patience.









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