Request for Assistance is Being Discontinued

Effective January 31st, 2024, the Request for Assistance feature, which allows Ring customers to share videos in response to Public Safety Agency requests through the Neighbors app, will be discontinued. To learn more about this update, please visit our blog post:


Q. When will Request for Assistance be discontinued?
Effective January 31, 2024, public safety agencies using Neighbors Public Safety Service will no longer be able to create Request for Assistance posts.

Q. What will happen to my agency’s existing Request for Assistance posts?
Residents will be able to view and respond to Request for Assistance posts created before January 31, 2024 through February 29, 2024. These posts will be visible to residents in their feed, and in the Posts section of the Agency Profile.

Q. Will I still be able to view Request for Assistance posts that I created in the past?
Yes, if you are a public safety agency, you can visit My Requests within your Profile to view and manage previously created Request for Assistance posts.

Q. How can I communicate with my residents or ask them for help in the future?
With this change, public safety agencies can still share important updates and ask for help from their communities by posting to the Neighbors app feed. They can still ask for information and video related to an incident in their neighborhood, but instead of the video being delivered directly through the Neighbors app, agencies must provide instructions on how the resident should deliver the video to them (e.g., via email or third-party evidence management). For example, if an agency is investigating an incident, they may still create a crime or safety post explaining what happened and asking their community for help. This post should include an officer's email or method of contact. When users see the post in their feed, if they choose, they can still download and share videos using their preferred method (email, text), they simply will be unable to share directly through the app. Click here to learn about Agency Posting.

This change does not impact or alter our standard information request process. You can view Ring’s legal process guidelines here.

Q. If I am only permitted to create Request for Assistance posts today, what permissions will I have after it’s gone?
After Request for Assistance is discontinued, you will continue to have access to view the Neighbors feed and comment on posts. To request access to Agency Posting, please contact your administrator.

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