Neighbors Public Safety Service: Terms of Service

Last updated on June 7, 2021

  • By accessing this site, you agree:
    • to use Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) solely for legitimate public safety purposes and that you will secure, use, retain, and delete information, videos, and photos shared by users and obtained through Neighbors Public Safety Service in accordance with applicable law and department policy and procedures;
    • that you will not post deliberately false or misleading information; 
    • to use your official NPSS account (not a personal Neighbors account) when using Neighbors in your capacity as a public safety official;
    • to use your real name, title, and agency contact information on NPSS;
    • to not share access to your account or your account credentials with anyone outside or inside your agency;
    • that it is your agency’s responsibility to maintain appropriate access controls for its personnel to use NPSS, including ensuring credentials are not shared and that terminated personnel will not have access to NPSS;
    • that your posts and comments are public and may be subject to applicable open records laws. It is your agency’s responsibility to respond to open records requests;
    • Ring’s Terms of Service, Privacy Notice, and the Ring Neighbors’ Community Guidelines as posted on, shall apply to all uses of NPSS; 
    • that you will promptly notify Ring if you become aware that you or your agency’s personnel have violated any of the foregoing terms; and
    • that Ring has the right to take disciplinary action, such as temporarily suspending or permanently banning any user or agency, at any time for any conduct that Ring determines to be inappropriate or harmful. Ring may notify your agency of any inappropriate or harmful conduct.
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