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Baby Safety Month is an annual observance held in September that’s dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of infant and child safety. Neighbors by Ring and the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA) teamed up to provide you verified sample messages and graphics that you can schedule to be posted on Neighbors all month long.

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Baby Safety Month 2023


Sample message:

Parents and caregivers bear a multitude of duties, yet prioritizing the safety and well-being of infants remains paramount. Whether you're on the brink of welcoming your first child, expanding your family, or embracing the role of a grandparent, now marks an opportune moment to implement straightforward actions that enhance the security of the baby. Explore the practical safety tips offered in the video above.

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Tips for Empowering Parents

Choose & Use Tip 2.png


Sample message:

Today, we're focusing on the importance of choosing products that match your child's age and developmental stage. Let's explore why this matters and the potential concerns of not doing so:

👶 Why It Counts: Selecting products suitable for your child's age is crucial for their growth, safety, and enjoyment. Age-appropriate items are designed to support their needs and abilities.

⚠️ Potential Concerns: Selecting products that aren't right for your child's age can lead to:

- Safety Issues: Inappropriate products might pose unexpected risks or hazards.

- Frustration: Complex products can discourage learning and play, frustrating your child.

- Missed Benefits: Age-inappropriate items might not provide the intended educational or developmental advantages.

🔎 Guidelines for Success:

- Check Labels: Look for age recommendations on packaging as a helpful guide.

- Assess Development: Consider your child's skills and interests when making choices.

- Seek Trusted Advice: Don't hesitate to consult experts or reliable sources for guidance.

By selecting age-appropriate products, you're ensuring a safer and more enriching experience for your child. Let's continue to make informed choices that foster our children's well-being and growth.

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Safe Journeys Begin with Child Car Seat Education

CPS Tip 1.png


Sample message:

We prioritize the safety of our community's youngest members. The journey to ensure child car seat safety begins with informed choices and responsible usage. Whether it's your first ride home or any subsequent trip, proper practices make all the difference.

Here's what you need to know:

- Every U.S. state and territory mandates car seat usage. It's a legal obligation we all share.

- Today's car seats are meticulously designed to adhere to stringent federal safety standards.

Guidelines for Safe Travel:

  1. Rear-Facing Position: Keep children rear-facing until they reach the weight/height limits advised by the manufacturer.
  2. Forward-Facing with Harness: If rear-facing limits are exceeded, use forward-facing seats with harnesses until weight/height limits are met.
  3. Booster Seats: When forward-facing with harness limits are surpassed, transition to belt-positioning booster seats for proper seat belt fit.
  4. Seat Belt Safety: Ensure the vehicle's seat belt system is snugly fastened and adjusted for your child's comfort and protection.

Additional Safety Tips:

1. Back Seat Priority: The back seat is the safest spot for children under 13.

2. Avoid Second-Hand Seats: Refrain from using second-hand car seats, especially if expired or previously involved in a crash.

3. Check Manufacturer Labels: Ensure the manufacturer's label displaying key details like name, model number, and date of manufacture is intact.

4. Register for Safety: Register your car seat with the manufacturer to stay informed about recalls and safety updates. Visit the manufacturer's website or contact their customer service for registration.

We're committed to keeping our community informed and safe. Your dedication to child car seat safety contributes to a secure and protected environment for all. For more information and resources, please visit

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Baby Product Safety Alert

On the Go Tip 3.png


Sample message:

This Baby Safety Month, we're sending you a friendly safety announcement. It's a good idea to steer clear of using baby products that seem a bit worn or damaged. Take a look at these important points and feel free to share them with others:

🚫 Danger of Damaged Baby Products: We strongly urge you to refrain from using any baby products that display the following issues:

- Holes or tears

- Loose or missing fasteners

- Weak or loose joins

- Broken or compromised parts

Why It Matters: Using products in such conditions places your child's safety at risk. Damaged items may fail to provide the necessary protection, potentially leading to accidents or injuries.

Take Immediate Action: Inspect all baby products routinely for any signs of wear or damage. If you identify any of the issues listed above, contact the manufacturer for replacement parts or discontinue use immediately and consider proper disposal.
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Infant Safe Sleep Strategies

Safe Sleep Tip 1.png


Sample message:

We understand the importance of ensuring a safe sleep environment for your precious baby. We’re here to share valuable insights and tips to help you create a secure sleep space that promotes their well-being.

🛏️ Sleep Space Selection 🛏️

- Choose a designated sleep area, such as a bare, JPMA Certified crib or an approved sleep product. 

- Opt for a new crib without any recall history.

- Assemble the crib using manufacturer-provided hardware and save the instructions for future reference.

💤 Safe Sleep Practices 💤

- When your baby falls asleep, transfer them to their crib as soon as it's safe to do so.

- Ensure a well-fitting mattress in the crib.

- Follow manufacturer recommendations for weight and developmental suitability of sleep products.

- Keep the crib free from pillows and plush toys during sleep.

- Never add extra padding beneath your baby.

- Dress your baby in appropriate sleep clothing like sleepers or wearable blankets.

🌙 Infant Sleep Tips 🌙

- Swaddling can be beneficial for newborns. However, discontinue swaddling when your baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking free.

- For Nighttime feedings during the early months, consider using a bassinet in your room. This maintains proximity without compromising safety.

🔌 Avoiding Hazards 🔌

- Keep monitors and corded items at least three feet away from the crib, bassinet, or play yard to prevent any potential dangers.

- Position cribs, bassinets, and toddler beds away from windows, heaters, and any potential hazards.

Your baby's safety is critical. By following these guidelines, you're taking important steps to ensure their peaceful and secure sleep.

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Creating a Secure Sleep Environment for Your Children

Safe Sleep Tip 3.png


Sample message:

In our shared commitment to child safety this Baby Safety Month, let's focus on a critical aspect of creating a secure sleep environment: proper placement of cribs, bassinets, and toddler beds.

Why It's Important:

Placing these sleep spaces safely away from windows, heaters, wall lamps, drapes, and blind cords significantly reduces potential hazards. Here's why this matters:

🪟 Window Safety: By keeping sleep areas away from windows, you prevent curious hands from reaching cords, blinds, or objects that could lead to accidents.

🔥 Heater Precautions: A safe distance from heaters minimizes the risk of burns or overheating, ensuring a comfortable and secure sleep environment.

🌙 Eliminating Tangles: Staying clear of drapes and blind cords prevents the possibility of entanglement, ensuring uninterrupted sleep and safety.

It's a collective effort to keep our children safe. Embracing these safety measures helps establish a serene sleeping environment for your child, free from avoidable risks.

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