National Pet Preparedness

We’ve created a series of graphics focused on preparing emergency plans with pets in mind. You can download and share these tips with your residents on Neighbors.
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Create Pet-Friendly Evacuation Plans

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Making decisions in the middle of a disaster is difficult. We recommend having an evacuation plan for your pet. Many public shelters and hotels do not allow pets inside. Know a safe place where you can take your pets before disasters and emergencies happen.

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Planning for Disasters With Our Furry Friends

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In many homes people make sure their family is prepared for a disaster. Floods, Wildfires, Earth quakes and many other causes leave us rushing out of our home in distress.

We want to remind you to plan for our furry family members as well.

8 easy to follow steps to ensure your pet is ready for evacuation and emergencies.

-A secure leash, harness or collar is a must. During an emergency your pet may be frightened therefor ill fitted walking equipment may result in your pet getting loose.

-Keep at least 3 days of food, water and up to a week of their required medication. If the emergency is city, state, or nation wide the more supplies you can keep on hand the better.

-Make sure to have a copy of your pets medical records including vaccinations

-Create a pet first aid kit. Important things to include are cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, flea/tick prevention, latex gloves, rubbing alcohol and saline solution.

-Secure and update your pets identification. ID tags, phone numbers and names on collars and up to date microchips are a must.

-Keep a crate or other pet carrier-carrier handy. It needs to be large enough for your pet to stand, turn around and lie down. Having blankets and towels is a good idea in case of power outages in the cold.

-Sanitary items: For cats, include pet litter and litter box, for all pets include paper towels, plastic trash bags, household chlorine bleach

-Keeping a printed and digital photo you and your pet is important. If you get separated from your pet that photo could prove ownership and help others identify your pet. In some emergency situation you won’t have access to digital photos so a printed out photo should be kept in your emergency kit.

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Source: Santa Clarita Animal Hospital

Make a Pet Profile

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Creating a Profile for your Pet is an easy way to share information about your pet in the event of an emergency or if they get lost. Create one today for Pet Preparedness Month as an easy 1st step in the process of getting ready for an emergency!

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Source: American Red Cross

Don’t Forget Your Pets’ Medical Records!

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When preparing for an emergency, don’t forget the bring important medical records for your pets. Pack copies of the following for each of your furry family members:

Photocopied veterinary records:

-Rabies certificate


-Medical summary

-Prescriptions for medications

-Most recent heartworm test result (dogs)

-Most recent FeLV/FIV test result (cats)


-Photocopied registration information (ex: proof of ownership or adoption records)

-Pet description(s) (ex: breed, sex, color, weight)

-Recent photographs of each of your pets

-Waterproof container for documents

-Microchip information (ex: microchip number, name and number of the microchip company)

-Your contact information (phone numbers and addresses for your family and friends or relatives you may be staying with)

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Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Prepare Your Pets for Disasters

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Ensure the safety of your cherished pets by including them in your family's emergency plan. Be ready and prepared for any unexpected events by taking heed of these essential tips. #SaferNeighborhoodsTogether #NeighborsApp


Prepare a sus mascotas para los desastres

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Sus mascotas son miembros importantes de su familia. Es por esto por lo que deben ser incluidos en la planificación familiar para emergencias. Siga los siguientes consejos mientras piensa en sus mascotas para estar preparado para lo inesperado.

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