Safety Saturday - June 10th

Safety Saturdays is a weekly Neighbors app campaign initiated by Neighbors Public Safety Service users to raise awareness about various safety tips and practices. Every Saturday at 12pm, the department post a question about a particular safety topic on the Neighbors app, and provides the answer at 4pm to help your residents stay safe and informed. The campaign will cover a wide range of safety topics such as fire safety, crime prevention, weather safety, and traffic safety. It is designed to engage and educate the community on important safety issues in a fun, unique way.

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Saturday June 10th: 12pm - Safety Saturday: Put Your Safety Skills to the Test with This Quiz
Saturday June 10th: 4pm -  Safety Quiz Answers: Check Your Results Here!

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Safety Saturday: Put Your Safety Skills to the Test with This Quiz!


Sample message:

It’s Safety Saturday! Each week we will be sending out friendly quizzes to the community to test your knowledge on safety!

Questions will get harder and harder as the weeks progress! Think you can answer them all correctly?

Leave a comment with your answer for this week’s question!

Check back in at 4pm for the results!

#SaferNeighborhoodsTogether #NeighborsApp #SafetySaturdays

Safety Saturday Answer: Check Your Results Here!



Sample message:

Do you know what to do if a tornado touched down in the area?

In the event of a tornado, here are some tornado safety rules to keep you and your family safe:

1) In general, get as low as you can. A basement below ground level or the lowest floor of a building offers the greatest safety. Put as many walls between yourself and the outside as possible. Avoid windows at all cost!

2) Tornadoes could be obscured by rainfall or come at nighttime. Do not wait until you see or hear the tornado, it may be too late.

3) If you reside in a mobile home, it is essential to evacuate well ahead of the approaching severe weather and seek shelter in a sturdy building. In the absence of nearby shelter options, find the nearest ditch, low spot, or underground culvert. Once there, lie flat on the ground and cover your head with your hands to enhance your protection.

4) In vehicles or outdoors: When tornadoes are possible, prioritize your safety by minimizing outdoor activities and completing them well in advance. Stay near a sturdy shelter at all times. In the event you are caught outdoors, seek immediate shelter in a low-lying ditch or stay inside your vehicle. Cover your head for added protection. Remember, avoid seeking shelter under a highway overpass as wind speeds can intensify due to a tunneling effect.

5) Remember, stay away from doors, windows, outside walls and protect your head!

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