Twitter Posts Syncing

What is Twitter Posts Syncing?

When a Neighbors Public Safety Service agency publishes a post on their department’s official Twitter page, this post will automatically be published to their residents on the Neighbors App.

How can my agency have our Twitter posts synced to our residents on the Neighbors App?

Please reach out to the Neighbors Team by filling out a ticket here, requesting your agencies Twitter alerts to be synced. Please include your departments Twitter handle.

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What happens if a resident clicks on a Twitter posts on Neighbors?
The resident will be diverted to your Twitter post on Twitter.

Can a resident comment on a Neighbors app Twitter post?
No, residents cannot comment on a Twitter post on the Neighbors app.

How soon after our agency publishes on Twitter will it be sent to our residents on the Neighbors App?
It can take up to a half hour after you publish on Twitter for the post to automatically show up on the Neighbors App.

How will residents know the post is coming from Twitter?
A Twitter icon will appear next to the agency’s name.

What happens if the Twitter post is deleted off the agencies Twitter account?
The alert will also be deleted off the Neighbors App.

What happen if the Twitter post is edited on the agencies Twitter account?
Your Twitter post on the Neighbors app will reflect any edits you make from your Twitter account.

Will Twitter posts be moderated before its published on the Neighbors app?
Yes, all Twitter synced post will be moderated 24/7 to ensure it meets Neighbors by Ring community guidelines.

Who will see our Twitter post on the Neighbors app?
Your Twitter synced posts will go out to everyone in your Entire Jurisdiction on the Neighbors app.

Will I see our agencies Twitter posts on our Neighbors Public Safety Service account?
Yes, Twitter synced posts will populate within the Neighbors Feed of your Neighbors Public Safety Service account. Additionally your Twitter post will also show under posts in agency profile.

Will our residents receive a push notification on the Neighbors app from a Twitter synced post?
No, all Twitter synced posts will be placed into the Neighbors app without a push notification.

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