Request for Assistance Posts - How to Ask for Assistance Related to an Active Investigation

What is a Request for Assistance post?

‘Request for Assistance’ is a post category within Neighbors that enables public safety agencies  to ask the public for help with an active investigation. 

What is the difference between Request for Assistance posts and posts in other categories?

There are a couple of important differences between Request for Assistance posts and other post categories on Neighbors. First, only public safety agency users can create a Request for Assistance post. Second, Request for Assistance posts contain the contact information for the public safety user conducting the investigation, as well as a link that allows Ring customers to securely and privately share their Ring videos with the public safety agency.

For more information, visit our FAQs, Policy page or Privacy page.

*Note this feature is available only to those who have been given access by an Admin

 How to Create a Request for Assistance Post

1. Click Create 


2. Click Request for Assistance


3. Review the Request for Assistance Guidelines. Click Agree.


4. Type in the location address, select the correct location from the dropdown and click Next. 





5. Adjust the boundary for the request area by dragging the corners of the polygon, then click Next. If the area is too small or too large, the requesting area will turn red.





6. Complete the Request for Assistance details. Enter an external message to Ring users including, but not limited to case details and/or contact info. Then click Next.



7. Confirm your contact details then click Preview 



8. Verify the preview then click Continue



9. Click Accept & Submit to finish submission


10. Click Accept & Submit to finish submission




**Videos can be requested for a maximum time period of 12 hours and up to 45 days in the past

If a Ring user chooses to share their video recordings, you will receive an email notification letting you know, and a copy of the video recording(s) will be added to your My Requests tab. You’ll be able to view and download the video recordings for 30 days.

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