Neighbors App Launches Multiple Locations Feature

The Neighbors app launched multiple locations feature which is ideal for community members who work within your jurisdiction but live in another. Share this on Neighbors and to all your social media channels to educate your community on setting up multiple locations

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Neighbors App Launches Multiple Locations Feature



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Want to know what's happening where family or friends live? Now you can add multiple locations on your Neighbors app. Keep an eye on neighborhoods you care about, such as the area where you work or even a second home.

To enable the Multiple Locations feature, tap your location at the top of your feed and click "Add a Neighborhood".

Find your neighborhood using the following options:
- Select ‘Use Current Location’ and allow the Neighbors app to use your location. Confirm the location and select ‘Finish’.
- Manually enter your address under ‘Find Neighborhood’ and confirm the location.
- Give your neighborhood a name or a custom description.


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