Lighting and Visibility Safety

We created a series of articles promoting improved visibility as a security measure to help keep residents safe. You can download and share these tips with your residents on Neighbors.


Set Up Your Home for Safety!


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Keeping your communities safe starts by protecting your home from would-be thieves. [Agency Name] recommends making these easy upgrades to your home security as the first step in making our communities safer!
-Change the locks if your home had previous owners with the same key.
-Replace outdoor bulbs with flood lights if you haven’t already (and make sure they work!)
-Display a sign on your yard to show your home is protected by an Alarm Security Company.
-Buy an Indoor Camera that allows you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world
-Trim your hedges so you can maximize your visibility from your windows.
-Get to know your neighbors so you can watch over each other’s homes.
-Protect your neighborhood with outdoor cameras to monitor the outside of your home.
-Ask for a Security Survey from your local police department and they can provide tips to help secure your home.

Source: Flock

Security Lighting Made Easy!


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[Agency Name] recommends factoring in these strategies when choosing and installing your home security lighting:

Security Lighting Tip #1: Ensure That They Are Installed Out of Reach

A common mistake people make when installing their security lights is where they place them. If your lights are installed within reach, it will be easy for intruders to tamper with them. Lights should be installed over 2.5m or 8ft from the ground or along your roof lining.

Security Lighting Tip #2: Ensure All Entrances to Your Home Are Well-Lit

It is of utmost important that all of your home’s main points of entry (front, back and garage doors) are well-lit for optimal security. With adequate lighting, you can easily evaluate your surroundings when arriving home at night to be sure that no intruders are lurking in the shadows. Having well-lit entrances will also minimize the amount of time you spend getting through the door. We also advise lighting landscaping features, such as bushes and fountains, that could impede an intruder by blocking them.

Security Lighting Tip #3: Get Motion Sensor Lights

These lights not only save energy, but the element of surprise they bring can cause even more disruption for the would-be intruders. An intruder entering your property will be caught off-guard when they are suddenly illuminated, and become visible. In such scenario, most intruders will be caught unaware and flee your property.

Source: Lightco

Protect Your Home Through Better Lighting!


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When was the last time your home’s lighting was updated? 30 years? Outdated lighting can make your home an easy target for criminals. [Agency Name] recommends making these changes to your home to provide better lighting and additional layer of safety. There are a variety of upgrades to accommodate any budget!

Source: Del Mar Lighting

Easy Ways You Can Deter Would-Be Thieves!


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There are plenty of indicators that criminals use to decide whether or not a residence is vulnerable. [Agency Name] encourages everyone to take simple steps that can deter burglars from targeting their occupied homes; by removing objects on the "Invitations" list while making sure they add items found on the more protective-based “Deterrents” list.

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Protect Your Home and Keep Burglars At Bay!


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Protecting your home doesn’t need to be complicated. [Agency Name] suggests making any and all of these easy steps to greatly increase the security of your home and keep burglars away!

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Home Security Tips to Help Keep Thieves Away!


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Waking up to an intruder in your home is a terrifying situation for anyone! [Agency Name] recommends making these simple additions to your home that offer peace-of-mind and help keep your family safe!

Source: Property Safety


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