Agency Posting Templates

What is Agency Posting Templates

An Agency Posting Template is a pre-made template that can be used to quickly and easily create relevant content for your neighborhood or jurisdiction. The templates include pre-made graphics from our graphics library here and drafted content that can be easily edited to be specific to your location, and applied to an agency posting category(Safety, Crime, Community Environmental, Animals).

Post Templates make scheduling posts even easier to plan relevant content for your neighborhood in advance. Local agencies can use the templates to schedule an unlimited amount of posts up to 30 days in advance.

How to create a post using templates:

Step 1: Sign into and click “Create”.
Step 2: Choose your category (Safety, Crime, Community, Environmental, Animal).
Step 3: Select an area (Regional or Hyper Local).
Step 4: Click on “Use Template” at the top right corner.


Step 5: Choose which template you’d like to share and click “Use”.


Step 6: Review your message and then select “Continue” (Some templates may require you to fill in custom information).


Step 7: Choose to schedule your post for a later time, enable/disable comments and have your post send push notifications or be placed into the Neighbors Feed. Select “Preview” once finished.


Step 8: Review your post and then click “Continue”.


Step 9: Click “Accept and Submit” to publish your post (A scheduled post will say “Accept and Schedule”).


How to edit a scheduled post:

Step 1: Move your mouse over Profile, located on the upper right-hand corner.
Step 2: Select My Posts and choose Scheduled.
Step 3: Find the post you want to edit and click Edit (in blue text) to make your changes.
Step 4: After the changes are made, click Confirm Changes.


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